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Facilities Management

What We Do?


Facilities  maintenance is a  difficult  challenge for homeowners

and businesses both large and small in Louisiana. Sometimes defining what facilities maintenance means is the first step when opening discussion with new clients, because each client has their own specific objectives and needs. We offer a variety of facility maintenance services that cover the broad spectrum of needs

for our clients available individually or utillized together as an integrated maintenance solution.

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Residential Facilities Maintenance Services



Residential  Facilities Maintenance services for  condos, apartment buildings and home owner association (HOA) can be developed to fit your requirements both big and small. The service we provide  include  Preventive  Maintenance,  Renovation,  HVAC  Repair,  Plumbing  Services,  landscaping, and much more. We offer comprehensive plans that address daily, weekly and monthly  service  plans  that  address  the  most  common  Facilities  Maintenance  needs.



Commercial Facilities Maintenance Services



Our commercial Facilities Maintenance services work with both corporate property owners and users to provide value and to protect capital. Our construction background allows us to posess comprehensive  full  service  Facilities  Maintenance  experience  unrivaled  by  local Louisiana Facilities Maintenance companinies. We can work with owners and investors to develop a plan

that  preserves  the  building's  value  and  brings  it  up  to  the  level which will maximize tenant satisfaction for all classes of commercial buildings. We offer a huge number of inhouse services and  also  provide  strict  oversight  of  outside  vendors,  assisting with monitoring budgets and troubleshooting problems when the arise.



Our team can provide HVAC, Plumbing and other services both in emergency situations and proactively by developing inspection, maintenance and disaster planning guidelines.


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